Part of global networks

We accompany you across international borders.

A trustworthy network to assist our clients in other countries as well.

PFKA networks and memberships

Always concrete advice—to guide you through international affairs.

PFKA Attorneys at Law is connected to other law firms worldwide. We are independent and may choose our cooperations freely. If need be, PFKA selects partner law firms in other jurisdictions—always by having a strong focus on the interests of the client and the specific issue at hand. PFKA and the individual partners are therefore members of various international networks of lawyers in order to make sure that we can represent and assist clients in other countries as well. 


PLG International Lawyers

PLG is an international network of independent law firms with over 1200 lawyers and notaries in 30 offices, present in 32 countries on 4 continents.



A.I.G.L.I. is an international association of Italian-speaking lawyers from many different countries.



Founded in 1927, UIA is a global, multicultural lawyers’ organization with members in 110 countries that promotes professional development, education, networking, and the rule of law.



IBA is a global lawyers’ organization that connects more than 80,000 jurists around the world.



A reliable cooperation partner on the Polish market for many years, based in Cracow.



Worldwide association of trademark owners and experts specializing in trademark law and intellectual property.

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