Giulia Barbone, MA


Giulia Barbone, MA

Giulia has been a key member of our office team for many years. She is a qualified translator and interpreter for Italian, German, and English.

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Key data & areas of practice

At PFKA, Giulia is part of the office team and is particularly involved in the professional translation of legal texts (agreements and pleadings), language revision and preparation of client correspondence; she is also responsible for client onboarding, activity logging and invoicing, file management and personal assistance to partners.

Giulia came to Vienna from Florence in 2013 for her studies. Since then, she has lived, studied, and worked in Vienna. She is an important pillar of our team and also works as a freelance language service provider.



Giulia is a passionate choir singer and dancer. Giulia’s love of languages is also evident in her self-taught French and her affinity to films and literature in the original language.

She enjoys immersing herself in the world of art, wandering through museums in art-minded cities and exploring the world while traveling. Every Monday evening she can be found at the pub quiz, where she looks for a weekly challenge with friends.

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