Lic. Maricica Leon


Lic. Maricica Leon 

Maricica has a solid education in economics and is a qualified social media manager. She is an important member of our team, always looking out for the well-being of colleagues, partners, and clients.

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Key data & areas of practice

Maricica fields calls in six languages (German, English, Italian, Romanian, Russian, and French) thanks to her broad language repertoire. She is mainly involved in general secretarial work and is responsible for front-desk duties, activity logging, invoicing, file management, and personal assistance to partners.

After completing her studies in economics, Maricica moved from Romania to Vienna in 2016. She has lived in Vienna with her family ever since.



Maricica has a creative personality. Not only is she a passionate volleyball player, but she is also highly skillful when it comes to producing video and photo content for personal and business purposes on social media. Due to her language skills, she enjoys literature and movies in the original. Her deep cultural affinity is evident in her regular visits to museums, concerts, and theaters.

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