Avv. Patrizia Cirrincione


Avv. Patrizia Cirrincione

Patrizia Cirrincione has extensive experience in civil litigation as well as in bankruptcy and corporate law matters, in particular in relation to directors’ liability claims, procurement, insurance, medical liability and banking law. Patrizia advises in out-of-court proceedings and assists in the drafting and negotiation of agreements [link Contracts] as well as in mediation proceedings.

Patrizia has gained extensive professional experience in civil litigation. These skills enable her to approach out-of-court matters with a perspective aimed at finding a viable long-term solution for the client. Her attention to detail is a quality that is much appreciated by clients. She quickly establishes a good basis of trust with both clients and colleagues.

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Key data & areas of practice

Key data

Born 1968 in Palermo.
Registered with the Milan Bar Association since 2002.

Preferred areas of practice

Corporate law, insolvency law.


Italian, English

Education and career
  • 1998: Studied law at the Università Statale in Palermo.
  • 1998-2011: Collaboration with the law firm Marceca.
  • 2011-2018: Collaboration with the law firm Roda.
  • 2017: Master in Corporate Law at Just Legal Services.
  • Since 2018: Of Counsel at the Milan office of PFKA.



Patrizia loves theater, cinema, traveling, and reading. She is passionate about national and international cuisine and is interested in different types of cooking, from slow cooking to sous vide.

Patrizia is also a member of the “Circolo Canottieri Milano”, Milan’s rowing club.

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