Regina Starek


Regina Starek

Regina Starek has worked as a paralegal at PFKA for over 20 years and has acquired a wealth of experience. Her areas of expertise include in particular corporate law, trademark law, and claims management. A special focus is on so-called “corporate housekeeping”, i.e. the ongoing legal support of corporations. Regina regularly accompanies real estate transactions including tax, trustee, and land register processing.

Regina is a reliable contact for our corporate clients. The clients and the team appreciate Regina’s accuracy and tireless commitment. The whole team can always count on her helpfulness and her comprehensive know-how.

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Key data & areas of practice

Key data

Paralegal at Petsch Frosch Klein Arturo Rechtsanwälte

Preferred areas of practice

Real estate law, trade law, corporate law, trademark law, debt collection.


German, English, Italian, basic knowledge of French

Education and career
  • Legal assistant at Petsch Frosch Klein Arturo Rechtsanwälte since 2003
  • Work for a Viennese lawyer specializing in traffic accidents, compensation for pain and suffering and medical law, 2000-2003
  • University of Vienna Law School, specializing in medical law (with distinction) as well as tax law and accounting



Regina puts her green thumb to great horticultural use in her garden every free minute. Time permitting, Regina roams the local woods to pick mushrooms. She usually prepares and eats them with her family the same day. Regina likes to relax by reading, e.g. about nature and gardening. Regina lives by the motto “Your dreams will only bloom when you nurture them!”

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“Die BildungsbürgerInnen – Datenerfassung durch das Bildungsdokumentationsgesetz“ in lex:itec – Zeitschrift für Recht und Informationstechnologie 02/2007, 38 ff, included in the monthly media summary of the Austrian Parliamentary Administration, May-June 2007 issue.

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