Back Office / Translation / Accounting

Erika Stimpfl, BA

BACK OFFICE / TRANSLATION / ACCOUNTING Erika Stimpfl, BA  Erika is a conscientious and important member of our office team. She is an aspiring translator and interpreter for German, Italian, and Spanish. worth knowing Key data & areas of practice Erika performs a wide range of administrative tasks in the PFKA office team. Being bilingual […]

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Maria Tanzer

BACK OFFICE / TRANSLATION / ACCOUNTING Maria Tanzer Maria is a mainstay of our team. She has reliably contributed to all developments and changes in our law firm. worth knowing Key data & areas of practice In the office team, she is involved in fee invoicing and accounting as well as client onboarding, activity logging,

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Lic. Maricica Leon

BACK OFFICE / TRANSLATION / ACCOUNTING Lic. Maricica Leon  Maricica has a solid education in economics and is a qualified social media manager. She is an important member of our team, always looking out for the well-being of colleagues, partners, and clients. worth knowing Key data & areas of practice Maricica fields calls in six

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Giulia Barbone, MA

BACK OFFICE / TRANSLATION / ACCOUNTING Giulia Barbone, MA Giulia has been a key member of our office team for many years. She is a qualified translator and interpreter for Italian, German, and English. worth knowing Key data & areas of practice At PFKA, Giulia is part of the office team and is particularly involved

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